Meet Renee Damron

Renée Damron stands out in the mortgage industry with her deep-rooted passion for helping clients and colleagues alike. Boasting 17 years in the housing sector and 7 in mortgages, she's renowned for her caring approach and insistence on excellence, earning accolades for her promptness, responsiveness, and effective communication.

Renée's expertise not only navigates the complexities of home financing with ease but also champions a stress-free experience for all her clients. Licensed by the Texas Department of Savings & Mortgage Lending (NMLS# 1466413), her accolades include NHBA’s Mortgage Professional of the Year and multiple recognitions from Austin HBA, Expertise, and more.

Renée prioritizes building strong relationships through exceptional communication, striving for face-to-face interactions to set clear expectations from the start. Her proactive approach smooths out the home-buying journey, addressing challenges head-on. A University of Texas alum, Renée enjoys life's adventures with her husband, John, and their two proud sons, always embracing each new challenge with a fresh perspective.

Edge Home Finance

Edge Home Finance is honored to be recognized as the top VA Broker in the United States.

With Renee's guidance, you'll benefit from unmatched expertise in managing your home buying or refinancing process. Opt for our leading service for a direct and expedited route to homeownership.

Edge Home Finance excels in assisting originators in moving from retail to wholesale channels, intending to be their last NMLS transition.

With 12 years of industry experience, the company is a leading provider of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs loans, with a notable presence of military-affiliated originators.

Dedicated to fostering an inclusive atmosphere, Edge Home Finance has teams proficient in multiple languages and rewards over 60 loan closings a year with a President's Club trip, demonstrating its dedication to creating a prosperous work environment.

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